The Importance of Motorcycle Training

The DAS ( Direct Access Scheme) license is the most popular type of motorcycle license, although if you are planning to take the course, there are several things to consider. Once you have successfully taken the course and been certified, you are able to ride any type of bike, with a minimum of 595cc and a 40kw power output.

There is an age limit for any biker who is considering getting their DAS certification. of 24 or older. If you have followed the progressive access route and have held an A2 motorcycle license for two years or longer, you can also qualify. You are legally able to ride a motorbike with a maximum power output of 35k if you have your A2 license. It is a straightforward procedure to upgrade your license by taking the practical road test, if you choose to go the progressive access route.


The CBT ( Compulsory Basic Training ) course will also need to have been successfully completed by anyone who plans to take their CBT course London or elsewhere in the UK.

Of course, having an experienced and knowledgeable instructor is a must, regardless of the type of license or certification that you are training for, and a surprisingly high number of riders don’t pass because of their instructor. Look for a reputable training facility, one that has been established for some time with a good reputation, and ask other riders for their recommendations for training.

Some motorcycle training facilities pride themselves on the fact that they have provided training to various celebrities, although they may not be able to give out any names of well known clients. Riding a motorcycle is important to you; it is in your blood and one of your goals is to be a safe and proficient rider. Finding a good training school and working with the right instructor can help to make the process of being licensed as quick and as easy as possible.

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